Monday, 18 March 2013

Unemployed angels

Is your angel unemployed?   He or she probably is.  Angels are hugely respectful of human free will; they never intervene unless asked for their help. 

Have you ever asked your Angel for help? 

He or she may have loads of great ideas to solve the dilemma at hand, to introduce you to the right people, to heal a family rift, to inspire you with just the right idea at the right time, but if you don't ask, they Cannot intervene.

There are millions of unemployed Angels out there, loving their human partners from afar, wishing they could help.

What can Angels do to help?  The short answer is: Anything.  If humans experience it, Angels can help with it.  It stands to reason really, doesn't it?  The Divine would hardly create pockets of human experience where Divine could not go!

So begin with what's worrying you right now.  What's gnawing at the back of your mind?  Relationship?  Family?  Work?  Money?  Health?  Whatever it is, notice it gently now.  Just become aware of it and, if you feel able, send it peace (bless the obstacle) Peace be with my colleague... Peace be with my money...  Now, ask your Angel for their help.  You can say as much or as little as you would like about the issue, but allow your Angel discretion with how to help solve the problem: prescribing the kind of help you want to get doesn't work.  Finally, thank them for their help. 

You don't need to keep reminding your Angel, checking for the blessing, worrying that they didn't hear.  They heard you.  But if it took you quite some time to create an annoying situation, it might also take them a wee while to help you sort it out.

One last note: Angel help is often in the form of an idea, a stepping stone in the direction of the highest good, and the best outcome.  So if you're waiting for a lotto win, you may be waiting a while!  But a good idea to help you create your own millions, now that may arrive infinitely faster.  And what's more, they can help you every step of the way, making the right contacts, opening the right doors, If you ask them to help.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Peeking behind the veil II

Following on from an earlier post, I wanted to share another experience I had when the veil between the 'human world' and the 'spirit world' thinned for me, a kind of spiritual emergence, if you will.

I've been a vegetarian for twenty years.  One day, during the 'emergence' I was out for dinner.  I decided to eat a mouthful of beef, lamb and fish, to ascertain if I wished to continue being a vegetarian. 

As I chewed the beef, I tuned into the cow from whom the meat had come.  What had her life been like?  I was immediately shown a field and a herd of cows.  I was the cow, looking through her eyes.  There was only one emotion: love.  There were no words, no thoughts, just silence.  And an all pervasive love.  She was being love.  Would I eat beef again? No, never.  She was too beautiful.

As I chewed the lamb, I tuned into the sheep from whom the meat had come.  What had her life been like?  I was immediately shown a country setting and a herd of sheep.  And again, I was the sheep, looking through her eyes.  Again, there was only love; no words, no thoughts, just silence and an all pervasive love.  She too was pure love.  Would I eat lamb again? No, never, how could I eat a being of such great beauty?

Finally, I chewed the fish and tuned into the fish from whom the meat had come.  What had her life been like?  I was immediately shown a shoal of fish and rushing water.  I was this fish, again looking through her eyes.  And here too, there was only love.  Silent love.  The experience of being...  And love.  She too was love.  Would I eat fish again?  No. 

I have, since then, eaten fish from time to time, for various reasons.  It always makes me uncomfortable.  As though I am eating a brother or sister, a beloved.  Revisiting this memory has had a profound effect on me.

We humans think we are the smart ones.  It's debatable.  That experience was so deeply profound; there was such a quality of purity to the animals, such a sense of pure presence... we humans, for all our thinking, have moved further away from the 'ideal' human than we would like to imagine.  Animals are not here as meat sources; they are here for their own experience, alongside us, not for us.

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Wednesday was a bad day.  I was tired and cranky.  Very tired.  And very cranky, to be honest.  I had to find a way through my bad humour because it was just making everything worse.

Enter gratitude.  As James and I drove to meet friends, I told him we were going to think of ten things for which we were grateful.  We got to ten pretty easily.  So then we were grateful for twenty things.  We did that too.  We even had a few spare!  There were almost thirty things to be grateful for, right off the bat.

It's very easy to get bogged down in the mud of life.  We can feel like caterpillars, rather than the butterflies we truly are.  Gratitude helps us to fly above the mud.  The mud is still there, but its not so up close and personal!

Gratitude is such a powerful blessing, for not only to we feel good being grateful, but so too does the recipient.  Too frequently in life we fail to tell people that they have helped, that they made a difference to us, that we appreciate them, that we really appreciate them. But think how it feels to be told that we matter, that someone appreciates us - it's a wonderfully unexpected feeling, like bubbles of joy welling up inside.

Why not play with gratitude today and watch the magic unfold?

Bless the Obstacle

Have you ever noticed how, when something goes wrong, you harden inside?  It's the tension, the stress, the fear.  In that moment, we are in opposition with the obstacle.  It sets up a win/lose dynamic.

Bless the obstacle.  It dissolves tension.  Bless the obstacle.  It dissolves opposition.  Bless the obstacle.  It dissolves stress.  Bless the obstacle.  It's the pathway to unexpected miracles.

Someone jumps ahead of you in the queue.  Peace be with you.
Someone steals your idea at work.  Peace be with you.
The red lights are against you.  Peace be with you.
You get soaked on the way home.  Peace be with you.
The childminder cancels.  Peace be with you.
Your teenager is withdrawn and angry.  Peace be with you.
Your toddler makes your teenager look like a polite guest.  Peace be with you. Peace be with you. Peace be with me.
You mess up.  Peace be with me.
You're having a bad hair day / fat day / wrong-side-of-the-bed-day.  Peace be with me. Peace be with me.  Peace be with me.

It rebalances you.  It centres you.  It's a tiny shift that makes an enormous difference.  It changes the outcome. 

Nor is this pie in the sky.  My two year hasn't slept through the night in months.  Last night was no excpetion.  I lay awake for two hours, unable to return to sleep after yet another episode.   Peace be with you.  Peace be with you.  Peace be with you.  Peace be with me.  Over and over again.

This morning, to my amazement, I feel rested, calm and loving.  He is being an adorable darling.  Peace be with you.  It's the work of your Inner Angel.

Bless the obstacle.  Why walk around it when you can dissolve it?  Peace be with you.  Today and always.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Angel Inside

It's so easy to imagine that angels exist somewhere 'out there'; that they have almost nothing to do with us, unless we ask, plead and even beg; that they are somehow 'beyond' us in goodness.

For millennia, this is how we have also viewed God, a divine force far beyond us, sitting over and above us in judgement.  Gradually, we have become aware that this divine force is a part of us.  We too are made of this divine spark.  We too are Divine.

And so it is with angels.  We too are angels.  Uncovering the divine within is uncovering the angel within.  We are those embodiments of love, grace, kindness and patience. 

Making the angel inside visible outside does not require yet more doing.  In fact, doing is often counter-productive!  Being first, doing second is far more effective. 

When we decide who we wish to be, and act from this knowingness, from this quality, we begin to create a life that is more grace-full, a life where we the divine within, the angel within are visible to others, (even if we do not always see it ourselves).

Monday, 4 March 2013

The overwhelm angel

I have a tendency to think that angels are all love and light, but humans aren't, so why should angels be?  Ok, so that's a rhetorical question! 

The point is this: we humans can be stubborn.  If we weren't, we would learn life's lessons with the lightest of touches, with grace and ease, moving on before a situation implodes around our ears.  We don't.  Some of us even thrive on the drama of chaos.

So angels of redundancy and overwhelm may not be actual angels, but metaphors for the human condition and not necessarily something to be feared. 

Human beings, from my personal experience, by and large, tend to like the comfort of the familiar.  We are loathe to change, even when it's for our own highest good.  Enter the Overwhelm Angel: this angel visits us when we are too cosy within our own mess. 

The Overwhelm Angel is an angel of great kindness, compassion and non-judgement.  She invites us to upgrade our lives, to move into a new room in the mansion of life, so to speak.

This angel removes the dark glasses we were wearing, the blinkers that allowed us to avoid seeing our reality for what it is: an inadequate reflection of who we are.  This angel invites us to step up to life and sort the treasures from the rubble in our daily life. 

It's useful to remember the kindness of this angel, because when we feel overwhelmed we have a tendency to add large dollops of shame, anger and resentment to the mixture.  It's not necessary. 

Bringing kindness to every aspect of the human condition is a spiritual practice in itself, a healing practice of global consequence, for we are never the small time actors we imagine, we are powerful, we are angels, we are the divine... and we're slowly remembering that truth. 

From the ashes of overwhelm, come the gifts of this angel, insight, clarity and compassion.