Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The waves of change

Change unsettles us.  As a species we are adverse to change, even if it is the only constant in your lives.  Such is the irony of life! 

The reason it unsettles us is because, up to now, we have approached change mentally.  We have wanted to arrest it, to halt it, to avoid it or, at the very least, to understand it.  In short, we have run at change with a giant full stop and we have been trampled by it.  One may as well try to stop the seasons changing by simply standing still.

That was then; in this New Age, change is about wisdom not control, about power not force.  Change is supremely malleable if we approach it with our hearts instead of our minds.  This is how the surfer rides the surf; not by calculating the rate of descent of the wave, but by surrendering to the wave's dance and feeling into it, allowing herself to be carried by its vast energy.  In that moment, surfer and wave become one.  They are united, part of the same energy flow, each enriched by the other.

Nothing is stagnant.  That was the old paradigm. 

Fluid: that is the mantra of our times.  From architecture to change management, it's all about the flow.  From fusion cooking to international migration, it's all about the flow.  The flow of life.  The flow of ideas.  The flow of energy.

Life's invitation is to move to its rhythm, rather than resist it.  Life's invitation is listen within, to follow the gentle prompts of the heart, the moments of intuition and insight, as it whispers to us.  This is how we dance with the wave of life, this is how we are constantly in the right place at the right moment.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Beyond judgement

If you made one choice this lifetime, choose to accept yourself.  Has fighting who you are really changed anything to date?  Here's why...

Recently, a friend of mine went to an astrologer in India.  After three visits, they found the parchment on which her life was written.  Everything that had happened to her was, indeed, noted on that parchment: a parchment written over 3,000 years ago.

Every one of us has little moments, pockets of our lives that we would do differently if we could have our time again.  But life is more complex than making the 'right' decisions at every moment. Just because we may regret something, or wish we had done it differently, or wonder why we acted so out of character in a particular situation (tick, tick, and tick again!) does not mean it was the wrong decision.

My friend learnt in her reading that some of her 'moments' were a rebalancing of karma; not so much debts that had to be paid, as experiences that were required to round out her experience of being a human, from her soul's perspective.

So rather than living a life of shame, regret and wasted dreams, how about a truly radical decision? How about assuming that life is conspiring in your favour?  That the life you lead is the very best possible life for you, regardless of how it seems on the surface, regardless of the ego's whispers, designed solely to keep you tied to fear and shame. 

The negative energy we have tied up in a lifetime's worth of fear and shame is more damaging than anything else we can do to ourselves, for judgements only come from incomplete knowledge; that is why God does not judge.  Man judges.  And each judgement is but a reflection of the holes we have within, the parts of ourselves that we can neither accept nor love.  Until we do.  Until we accept ourselves utterly, completely. 

In that moment of complete self acceptance,  judgement dissolves, and we accept all others.  All of them.