Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Miracle on my doorstep

With every disaster, there is a story about someone who was never ever late and yet, on this one occasion, they were late and missed the disaster. This is just such a story.

I have four brother, all of whom are hard working, but the greatest workaholic among them, rang me one morning last week.  After he hung up from me he got a panicked call from work.  Where was he?  Was he ok? 

"I'm fine," he replied, "I'm at home, it's my day off."
"No, it's not your day off, that's tomorrow," came the reply.
"No, it's today," insisted my brother, "anyway, what's the problem?"
"When you didn't turn up this morning, we thought you were in the crash..."

There had been a multiple car crash on the road my brother travels every morning, at the exact time he travels it every morning. 

It wasn't his day off.

My brother never misses a minute of work, not to mention muddling up his day off.  It wasn't his time and he was protected. 

My mum rang and asked if I had sent him angels that morning.  I hadn't.  It was his own Guardian Angel.

In a world that can seem harsh, violent and even random, it is comforting to know that we are not alone.  We are all protected. 

Each and every one of us has a powerful, ever-loving Guardian Angel constantly looking out for us.  Sometimes their calling cards are dramatic, as in this case.  Sometimes they are discrete, like little whispers; and the more we listen, the more they can enrich our lives with their guidance, love and grace.

Lights, Camera ... Pause?!

On the surface, a play is all about the Actors.  Great plays don't just have great Actors, they have to have a great Director and Producer too.  It's so tempting to get lost in the role of the Actor.  I know I gone through many scenes and acts without considering any other role ... or how it might transform my Play of Life.

Most of us are like the Actor who is lost in the Play of Life.  We live it, breathe it, and be it, summoning into existence.  Indeed, it is so vivid, so enrapturing, with its highs and lows, that we Actors often forget it is a Play and assume it to be reality.  While that may be fun, we miss out on the wealth of opportunities that exist to expand and deepen our role.
The Producer creates the vision for the play, they create its focus, its texture, its flavour, even its soundtrack.  Without this big picture, Actors may run around creating mayhem, rather than creating a Play of greater beauty, meaning and purpose.

The Director, rather like the coach at a match, stays off the stage and watches the play unfold.  Their distance means that they can coach the Actors, and help them find the best way to respond as events unfold in the Play of Life, while holding the Producer's vision for the Play front and centre.

So I've been working on a few simple questions to remind me about the Producer and Director Roles.  The Producer Questions are deeper questions, taking a meta-view of life, and require a little time and inner reflection, but in answering them well - and revisiting them from time to time, I create a more interesting and empowering Play of Life for myself.  The Director's questions are more strategic, aimed at helping the Actor focus on what is most meaningful in the Play of Life, rather than getting side-tracked in monologues!

Producer Questions

What is the Legacy I wish to leave behind?

  • What brings me most joy in life - the people, the activities, the hobbies?
  • When have I felt most alive and excited?
  • What was the best team I ever worked with?  What was the shared goal?  What made it so much fun? 
  • What can I do in the next year to bring more of these moments into my Life?
  • What are my guiding values? what values do I cherish most in others?
Director Questions
  • What have I done today to bring myself closer to creating an outstanding Life?
  • How have I shared my guiding values with others through my Life today?
  • What would I like to do differently tomorrow?

Friday, 17 May 2013

The path of beauty

It is beauty that reminds us
to go within.  It is beauty that reawakens us when we nod off at the wheel of life.  It is beauty that reconnects us to our soul, our spirit, our divine essence.

Beauty is the reminder that we are not the lives we lead, but the Divine, living a divine dream, experiencing the play of life, of form.

It is not an accident that every culture holds beauty in high regard, however different their interpretation of beauty may be.  It is because beauty is transcendent.  It is of the soul: it is a bridge to our own souls.

Beauty is our essence.  Our divinity.  It is a reflection of who we truly are, our magnificence forgotten, hidden by the veils of life, yet glimpsed out of the corner of our eye, reminding us that we are more than the mundane.

When we notice beauty, we are indeed transported... uplifted.  In that moment, an surge of divine energy flows into us, softly blessing us, gently expanding us to accommodate yet more of our own divine essence.

That is why beauty is a pathway to the Divine, however we conceive of Her.  That is why people meditate on beauty, to open up that pathway in their daily lives.  That is why beauty touches us deeply, for in touching beauty, we touch our divinity.

Friday, 10 May 2013

The flow of freedom

It is not our thoughts that empower or disempower us.  It is our reaction to those thoughts.  When we think thoughts we label 'good', we feel happy.  When we think thoughts we label 'bad', we feel unhappy.  But thoughts neither bind us or enlighten us, emotions do.

Guilt, fear and shame block us.  They cut us off from the energy, vitality, inspiration and abundance of our Higher Self.  In doing so, they dampen our experience of life and its infinite potentiality.

Passion and excitement, joy and enjoyment, on the other hand, expand us.  They open us up to ever greater inspiration, abundance and healing.  They free us from the worries of the mind, which focuses, almost exclusively, on the fears and failures of the past.  When we are in our flow we move beyond our limited past, we connect directly to our spirit, our Higher Self, and we are expanded and enhanced.  We are more truly who we Are.  We are in communion with Self.

The daily application of this is simple - though simple isn't always easy here on Planet Earth - focus on what brings your joy and delight, on your passion and inspiration,  "And all these things shall be given unto you", as the Psalm says.  When you feel fear, shame or guilt, stand back.  Change your focus. 

If it's a problem you really do have to deal with, rather than an absent-minded thought, explore the situation from a different perspective: what is the gift it holds within?  What is the opportunity within the situation? 

Some life lessons require us to 'woman up', yet those are often the ones that stretch us beyond our previous limits: and, in the blink of an eye, we have brought ourselves Home: our delight in solving the challenge from a gift-centred perspective has brought us back to our Essence, our flow, our passion, our delight.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Parenting with the Angels

Angels are willing to help us with every aspect of human life, though we often forget to ask for help, little realising just how significant a difference they can make to our lives and well being.  Patenting is no exception.

James, my two and a half year old toddler, was over-tired.  There are few children harder to get to sleep than over-tired toddlers; they are completely wired and unable to balance their own emotions or energy by themselves, so calming down for bedtime is almost impossible, even if they desperately want to sleep. 

He bounced from one end of the cot to the other.  He tried every thing from jumping out to body slams against the side, shrieking more than crying.  It was going to be a long night!

Then I remembered to ask the angels for help.  I told my guardian angel to ask his guardian angel to wrap James in their arms to comfort and soothe him, so he could fall asleep easily.  I couldn't believe the speed of the response.  Within two minutes James was lying down quietly.  Ten minutes later, he was sound asleep.

From toddlers to teens, angels are always happy to help us, provided what we request is for the highest good.  Whether it's asking your child's angel to help them concentrate better at school, develop friendships that will support them, or even attend school consistently, angels can help us.  We just have to ask, and then allow them to weave their miracles through our lives.

Friday, 3 May 2013

The world through the eyes of a toddler

It's fascinating to see the world anew, through the eyes of my toddler.  It is always fresh, pure and playful.  And invariably funny!  Here are a few insights from James, age 2 1/2.

On leaving nursery he had clearly mastered what I'm still learning.
"I happy.  I good...
"I happy. I good Mama."
Another pause
"I AM happy.  I good, Mama"

He offered me a half chewed corner of his banana sandwich.
"No thanks, James, I'm fine thank you."
"Taste it!  It's very tasty."
Well, if I'm going to say it to him I better be prepared to hear it: I sure ate my words that day!

"It's time for bed James."
"No Mama."
"What do you mean, 'No Mama'?"
"No! It's very early in the morning."
The power of positive thinking!

He likes to hold onto - and squash - his sandwiches between bites, hence...
"James, put down your sandwich while you're eating."
No response
"Bite it, then put it down, James."
"And eat it Mama."
Why didn't I think of that?!

On returning the box of tissues to their correct place...
"Good boy James, you're a treasure!"
"Yes I am a treasure."
May we all retain such positive self regard!

He threw his animals across the floor in a fit of temper and had a time out to cool down.
"Why did Mummy give you a time out, James?"
"That's right, it's naughty to throw your animals across the room."
"Sorry Mummy.  Now 'Sorry animals.'"
And with that he walked over to the animals strewn across the carpet and said the most heartfelt "Sorry Animals", I think plastic animals have ever heard.

I don't even remember what I did right on this occasion!
"Good boy, Mummy."
"Thank you James, but I'm a girl.  Mummy is a girl."
"Good boy, Mummy girl."

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fear not the darkness.

Fear not the darkness.  Nor your own dark thoughts.  They are illusions.  They are not your light, nor do they detract from your light.

You are radiant, an effable glow that stretches across universes.   You  are that which you think you are not, both the shadow and the light.

So walk not the path of duality; of one or the other, of light or shadow.  Rather, allow All That Is to flow through you, the light and the shadow, without preference or attachment.  

Then you have become the catalyst for your own transformation.  

In that moment, you are transcendent.  Beyond both the light and the shadow.  Then you will behold the miracle of All That Is, as it weaves in and out of itself, both dividing and unifying simultaneously.  

For then will you see the light and the shadow as a pearlescent rainbow, the colours discrete yet united.  For then will you remember that the mystery of your own self is You.  You are the Divine incarnate.

Search no more.  Seek not what you have already within.  Allow.  Simply allow.  And then you will Be, in the fullest way possible.