Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Born of love

We are all born of Love.  It is true whether we feel we were wanted or unwanted, whether life was easy or hard, whether our childhood was traumatic or idyllic.  We were born of Love.

A child born of a rape may be argued to have been born out of love.  But that is an argument of the human, not the soul.  From the soul's perspective, that choice to incarnate in very difficult circumstances is a choice of love.  It creates rich learning experiences for the souls involved in that Play of Life.

We have all, peppered through our lives, placed challenges, u-turns and upsets that we can't imagine planning, much less being excited about, but the most challenging events in our lives are the seeds to our souls' growth and development.  They are portals for each of us to greater love, compassion, forgiveness and self expression.

There is not one random act on this planet.  There is not one love-less action.  Each and every event, no matter how challenging, has been planned with love and care to offer us the perfect opportunity to grow and expand into our greatest self: a human being ennobled by love, not embittered by fear.

We are not victims.  Nor are we forgotten by God.  We are artists of our own lives, inviting ourselves to remember the love and perfection inherent in every moment, in every action and in every outcome: the perfection of the love that is Us, our divine essence.