Friday, 7 June 2013

The illusion of perfection

The illusion of perfection is not that perfection does not exist.  The illusion of perfection is that we fail to see the perfection that surrounds us.

We move at such pace that life rushes past our ears.  And in our haste, we miss the perfection of every droplet of life.  A slower life would bring to the foreground the miracles that abound every day, the miracles we fail to see.

Every day shows us perfection.  Indeed, the sunrise and sunset are so unutterably perfect that we take them for granted, never considering a world without the sun.  Yet it is perfection. 

We take food for granted too.  Even the water we drink.  Yet all this is perfection, even if we choose to dismiss, disregard or even devalue these gems of perfection, debasing them as some form of 'given'.

There is perfection on an infinite number of levels, from the obvious - the flowers, the birdsong, the child's laughter - to the subtle, a friend's shoulder to cry on, a kind neighbour, a helpful colleague.  Subtle perfection abounds.

There is also Invisible Perfection.  That is the perfection of each and every moment of our lives.  Every second, every breath, is crafted to bring us to a higher awareness of who we fundamentally are, of our journey to the highest expression of human evolution, the merging of our humanity with our soul energy.

We are showered in perfection.  We are showered in miracles.  Speed isn't always good, faster isn't always better.  Sometimes it's just faster, but hollow, lacking the richness, nourishment and soul-infused joy of the gifts that truly matter, the perfection that abounds, if we would but see it.