Sunday, 9 June 2013

Touching the soul

Have you ever felt completely happy?  Happy enough to burst, yet all you are doing is the washing up?  Or driving to work?

These are moments of Ascension.  Moments when our soul infuses our humanity, when we experience our divine nature directly, not through the nurture of a mother, nor the intoxication of first love.  This is our intimate connection to Our Divine Self. 

Recently, I've been experiencing some exquisite moments of expansion. Moments that were hours long, characterised by joy and love.  The kind of love we all yearn for unconsciously, the complete love of the soul, the higher self, our Inner Angel.  This is our divinity, lived.

As I've mentioned before, all inhabitants of this planet are now on a journey of ascension.  This is the greatest evolution of our species since we came out of the water - and that was quite a while ago, so we're due!  Even standing upright pales into insignificance in contrast with this evolution in humanity.

So what does it mean...  Imagine a winding, dirt track, thronged with horses, carts and pedestrians.  It's a tough route.  That was our old connection to our soul: slow, constricted and gnarled.

Now imagine a wide, smooth high speed motorway.  And you're the only car traveling that road.  This is our new connection, our latest spiritual upgrade, so to speak.  It is because the pathway is now so open and so clear that we are able to have increasingly intense and sustained experiences of our divine self.  And one day, we will all live that joy, day in and day out.

But before that moment, there is a caveat.  It's a new road.  Sometimes, without realising it, we revert to the old dirt track simply because it's familiar.  This is also part of the journey: noticing when we have slipped back into duality, into conflict, lack and neediness, and then consciously clearing those little pockets of darkness whether through yoga, meditation, prayer or any other alternative that works to shift us back to love.

Our soul has always been close, but these are exciting times because now we can touch it; we can live through our Soul rather than through our ego: we can live through love rather than living through fear.